Meet your racehorse

Racing Shares - Stable Open Days

All our owners are invited to our stable open days, for a full tour behind the scenes of one of the UK's most successful training yards.

Meet your horse/s, meet our trainer and the stable staff who train, ride and care for your horse/s on a daily basis.

Meet the other horses in the yard, Milton Bradley has over 70 racehorses in training including The Tattling winner of around 1/2 million in prize money and not forgetting Nelson the yards one eyed horse.

View the latest crop of yearlings at the stable and don't forget your camera.

We also hold free of charge  informal stable visits most weekends for owners and potential owners if you would like to attend please contact us and we will send you further details.

Our VIP Racing Day package on Chepstow race days for people who are interested in buying a share with us and enjoy a days racing.

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Stable Day Events

Stables Milton Bradley  - March 2008

 Click to enlarge - Spanish Ace leading Miltons Choice Click to enlarge - Mister Incredible leading Harrisons Flyer

 Click to enlarge -  7NoTrumps leading Sharp Discovery Click to enlarge - Miltons Choice and Mister Incredible Click to enlarge - Spanish Ace

 Click to enlarge - Harrisons Flyer leading Mister Incredible Click to enlarge - Sharp Discovery Click to enlarge - Sharp Discovery (Charlotte) Click to enlarge - Spanish Ace

 Click to enlarge - Harrisons Flyer Click to enlarge - Mister Incredible Click to enlarge  - Miltons Choice enjoying the attention

Stables/Stud and Woodland Day with Wilderness-Discovery UK  - March 2007

 Click to enlarge - Meeting a new foal to start the day off... Click to enlarge - The new foal having some playtime in the orchard

 Click to enlarge - Our guide Alan explaining the types of trees in the wood Click to enlarge - Fire starter Click to enlarge - The bush tucker cooked on skewers we made ourselves from Hazel and cleaned with flint!

Stable/Race Day - December 2nd 2006

A visit to the stables and Nuppend before racing at Chepstow

 Click to enlarge - Ulshaw enjoys a polo from one of his owners Click to enlarge - Zimbali Click to enlarge - Barry Savage (stable jockey) with Harrisons Flyer

 Click to enlarge Merlins Quest in his stable after a roll in the mud Click to enlarge - Miltons Choice showing off his new rug Click to enlarge - Rosie a fine looking yearling


Stable/Race/BBQ Day - August 28th 2006

 Click to enlarge - Harry (Harrisons Flyer) entertaining RS onwers. Click to enlarge - Looking for Polos!

Click to enlarge - Follow The Buzz enjoying the attention Click to enlarge - A younger RS owner meets Paul Scholes at Chepstow racecourse (Paul had a horse running in a maiden race) Click to enlarge - We cheered on the beautiful Yenaled trained by Milton B fromthe paddock in the 4:15pm

 Click to enlarge - Around 70 RS owners were in the paddock to support Miltons runners int he last including Bali and Buzz Click to enlarge - After everyone had enjoyed the amzing BBQ cooked by Jamie and Phil it was XFactor time though Barbie Girl left the stage :)

 Click to enlarge - No pictures! Click to enlarge - Not sure its Coke in the cups :)

Click to enlarge - Lisa must be a good kareoke singer ,she needs 2 microphones!! Click to enlarge - Barbies back and shes made Mrs Bradley laugh!!

 Click to enlarge - Bali playing the day after the BBQ Click to enlarge - Mylo (Spirit Rising) meeting his owners

 Click to enlarge - One of Mylo's younger owners gives him a pat Click to enlarge- Campeon saying goodbye

Pre Season Stable/Gallops Day - March 26th 2006

 Click to enlarge - Over 45 RS owners attended our pre season gallop session Click to enlarge - Ulshaw leads Merlins Q and  Spirit R

Click to enlarge - MC and Harry easing down Click to enlarge , Miltons C leads Harrisons F and Compton F Click to enlarge - Ulshaw meeting the RS owners

 Click to enlarge - Compton Flyer parading Click to enlarge - Miltons Choice parades Click to enlarge - Harrisons Flyer Parades

 Click to enlarge - Merlins Quest Parades Click to enlarge - Spirit Rising Parades for his owners Click to enlarge - Spirit Rising taking it all in his stride

 Click to enlarge - Flick is keen to show off her new foal to the visitors :) Click to enlarge - Our star "Angel" Click to enlarge - Angel having her photo taken

 Click to enlarge - Flick's foal comes over to say hello Click to enlarge - 2 foals and mares are very pleased to see us

A stable visit to Miltons Yard and Nuppend

A very cold Sunday morning

 Click to enlarge - Miltons Choice coming back from a morning gallop Click to enlarge - Harrisons Flyer enjoying some attention Click to enlarge - Pheckless with one of his shareholders

Click to enlarge - Compton Flyer enjoys a neck rub Click to enlarge - Ulshaw is pleased to meet everyone Click to enlarge - Spirit Rising imaking sure he gets a pat

 Click to enlarge - Bali enjoying a polo or two Click to enlarge - Abbie and new foal coming to meet everyone Click to enlarge - Meeting Bullseye

 Click to enlarge - Bullseye on display


Why not combine a stable visit with a trip to Chepstow races or a Howick P2P meeting (2 miles from Chepstow)

Click here for some photos from a Howick Point to Point