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Dog Walking Service

If you decide, after your home visit, that you would like to go ahead and book your dog in with us, the first thing to do is to discuss the requirements for your dog.

Is he a social dog and would he prefer the company of other dogs? Or, would he prefer to be walked on his own with all of the attention and for interaction to be solely with him?

Once we have established what routine would suit him best, we will arrange for a key to be given to us; these will be kept completely safe. The keys are insured and will be returned at your request.

We will arrange a time and date to come and pick up your dog in our transport vehicle.  You can be assured that your dog is kept safe and secure while being transported to local woodland! We are very fortunate in Chepstow to have access to beautiful woodland and countryside, no more than 5 minutes away.

Your dog will be put on a lead before getting out of the vehicle, as safety is our top priority. Whether you choose an on- or off-lead walk for your dog, we can guarantee that he will have a great time with us! If your dog loves to play, we can take throw balls, frisbees etc to make it even more fun!

Please note that there will only ever be a maximum of 4 dogs on a social walk.

After the 30 minute or one-hour walk is over, it's back to the van, where we provide bowls of fresh drinking water in non-spill bowls. We will also give your mucky pup a rub down with a towel (we will try to keep as much mud out of your house as possible, although dogs are always drawn towards the dirtiest puddles!!) and a spritz of nice-smelling finishing spray.

Back home, and if there are any observations we will leave you a note. We will always settle your dog down, give him a cuddle, leave him a healthy treat, and he will hopefully sleep for the rest of the day. We will lock up your home securely and say goodbye until our next walkies!

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Tel. 01291 627762 or Mob. 07932 487890

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