Supporting British racehorse charities

Racehorse Rehabilitation...

The care of racehorses during and after their racing careers is our highest priority.

All of our racehorses training routines include elements that will help enable our horses to have a useful life after racing.

Around 4000 horses leave racing every year and almost all find useful second equine careers. Those that don't need the racehorse charities to help out and Racing Shares is proud to support this mostly unseen side of horse racing.



Prize Money

Racing Shares set aside 12.5% of all our horses as 100 Silver Shares, we donate a % of all win and place owners monies due to these shares to be equally divided between the three main racehorse rehabilitation charities the remainder is set aside for Racing Shares horse retirements/retraining.

Morrcroft YardThis donation does not rely on the sale of Silver Shares the money is donated regardless of the number of Silver Shares sold.


The three main charities are:


Ex Racers Charity Donation

Silver shares in both Harrisons Flyer and Spanish Ace were donated to The Ex Racers Club as raffle prizes to help raise funds for their work.  Click here to view their website.

Tsunami Charity Donation

A Gold Share in both Oh Boy and Compton Flyer were donated to the Racing To Help charity see racing auction website.


Other Charities

As well as supporting the main racehorse charities, Racing Shares supports other equine charities throughout the UK. 

Click here to view our Riding for the Disabled Asscoiation eBay Auctions

In 2007 we are listing a number of Silver Shares on eBay where all auctions start at 1 and 10% of the final auction sale price is donated to the charity.

Charity Item

In 2006 we raised almost 600 for the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, though the sale of shares on ebay in the run up to Christmas.



In the past we donated Gold Zimbali Share worth 500  to HorseWorld in Bristol. The share will be used as prize for their fund raising raffle at a charity day at Wincanton at the end of October.

Horse World BristolIf you are planning to attend please ensure you pay a visit to the HorseWorld stand and buy a ticket or two.

Currently responsible for over 400 horses, ponies and donkeys from its
two farms south of Bristol and at a network of loan homes, Horse World
now provides rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing to a whole cross
section of equines. Horse World accepts animals from a variety of
backgrounds, including sporting such as polo and racing, in addition to
abandonment's or cases of neglect. Many of the horses go on to live
fulfilling and happy lives at new loan-homes.



Requesting A Racing Shares Donation

If you help run a racehorse related charity and could use one of our shares to raise funds please contact us, we carefully consider all charity requests and will help whenever we are able.